Coins is an internal value that is provide by this website “.
Conversion is 10000 coins = 1$
Best oportunity is contest. Here we have 4 contest weekly, each of them have a 5$ prize. Anymore, you can earn from Offerwalls,Shortlinks and Faucet
Only one account is allowed!
When rich 0.2$ you can withdraw your coins to FaucetPay.
For FaucetPay is 0.01$ and for Direct wallet is 5$.
Payment is processed in maximum 8 hours, except weekends and legal holidays.
For FaucetPay - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash,Tether, Doge, Dash, Digibyte, TRX, Feyorra and Binance.

No, isn’t allowed. If use it, receive ban.
That balance can be use for Advertising, Games and Memberships. Can’t be withdrawn funds from this balance.
Yes, if use your money for that task you assume that you can’t win ref. contest 100%.
Using VPN, cheat on Offerwalls, Shortlinks and Contest can bring suspension
Because you complete one or more offers that is over 0.5$. If this take place wait between 7-15 days.